White Material x The Level Party

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The White Material Records Release party for The Level Party provided LOWRES with exciting lighting possibilities. The space was massive and oddly shaped, being, at the same time, both oblong and trapezoidal. Vertically the room was over 30 feet tall with old tin ceilings from the days when the space was a bank and tin ceilings were common. Together, it made for a visually interesting room before the addition of LOWRES custom lights, pars, strobes, and moving heads.

Fourteen giant windows, which were bricked-in sometime during the tumultuous past of the neighborhood, were begging to be lit with the long LED strips. The windows provided the starting point and the most obvious and symbolic location for light to emanate. In addition to all the visually stunning, decaying, and unusual architecture of the interior, The Level Party brought in an equally impressive thirteen feet wide by eight feet tall speaker stack from Dub Stuy Records

Level party. White material. Vibes 👌🏼

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One of the primary aspects of focus for LOWRES in lighting an event like this is both architectural and atmospheric. Typically, lighting an event means washing the crowd and dj’s/musicians with light. However, White Material is a more subversive group preferring to perform in relative obscurity. One of the partiers later stated that they were able to “lose themselves in the crowd.” Devoid of neither brightness nor darkness, ones’ senses could function without a protracted focus of any one particular faculty required over the other. Sight and sound were allowed to blend

It was an enjoyable and fulfilling project since we addressed the preference of White Material as well as the preference of the audience.

All photos and videos by Charlie Rubin