Shaker Mountain Festival

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Forty eight hours in upstate New York (June 9-11) on the border of Massachusetts in the picturesque Berkshire mountain range, Shaker Mountain welcomes New York’s best dj’s and producers. The inaugural weekender is a nature-minded, music-driven party on a secluded mountaintop, created by Nikki Cohen of This Place and Andrew Giugno behind Low Res NY and The Level Party.

From Friday, June 9th till Sunday, June 11th, the mountain top festival will see guests camping under the stars and dancing on the main stage or exploring the 250 acres of tree topped mountain of one of the first original American Shaker villages.

All campers will enjoy complimentary meals prepared by in-house chefs using produce grown on-site. Explore multiple built environments designed to help you disconnect, or just gaze into the spectacle above. Camping under the stars with modern amenities like showers and toilets mean you can detach without losing the comforts of home. – From the event

A bucolic and undisturbed venue for city dwellers to escape doesn’t often exist in such a pure and perfect form. We were fortunate to find such an stunning space and amazing staff to help us create a memorable event. Campers could enjoy the various dj’s playing some of the best music that exists as well as disappear into the wilderness, shielded by the natural sound barriers of the Berkshire mountains.

Lighting a space with such immense natural beauty is always going to be difficult. There is so much to compete with. But with a focus on one space of the stage plus a few smaller spaces around the grounds we were able to highlight the beauty and without overwhelming the camper with an abundance of unnatural light. Low Res is additive lighting in ambient settings, overlaying the setting rather than completely erasing the existing space. The goal for the stage is womblike, drawing the dance in and creating a comfort not often felt in the confines of a loud and stimulating space. While outside the stage in the various spaces that exist either naturally or within the structures that were built to compliment the grounds and provide shelter or utility the goal is a point of reference and intrigue.