Grace VanderWaal – Ur So Beautiful Tour

Lighting Design: Low Res
Lighting Director: Andrew Giugno
Creative Director: Good Company/Joakim Carlsson

Grace VanderWaal embarked on her first headlining tour. For those unfamiliar with Grace, she was the winner of America’s Got Talent at the age of 13. Almost 3 years later, having grown up quite a bit since her winning performance, Grace was ready to head out on the road around the United States and Canada, with 28 stops along the way.

Low Res provided design and lighting gear for the tour, including a small stage package of 6 Martin Mac Auras which provided consistency throughout the tour of varying venue lighting packages. Our goal was to provide a beautiful backdrop and dynamic lighting, even when the venue’s lighting package had significant shortcomings.

Control was done via GrandMA 2 OnPC. A basic showfile was used throughout and was updated to include the venue lighting package at each stop. This meant following load-in we had to update any cues, fx, and patches with cloning, PSR, and manual patches depending on if the fixture type had been used in a previous show. From roughly noon to 5pm on show day, time was spent recreating the show, identifying potential issues, and communicating with both the house LD and our team.

Focusing our efforts on our primary goals and identifying the shortcomings meant that each show was slightly different, but no less dynamic. Some looks that worked very well in one venue could look flat or felt lacking in another. We spent a lot of time fine tuning the color balance so that the Auras on the stage would blend smoothly with the house lighting package. We also spent significant time on getting the haze/fog looking good so that there was not only the right amount, but also so that it didn’t overwhelm the stage, the audience, and guests who were there to see and hear Grace, and not strobe out at a rave 🙂

Special thanks to Good Company (Joakim Carlsson), Chemistry Creative, and Andre Ferreira